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2010-04-13 16:31:52 by IKanzAnimate


Going Again!

2009-09-05 15:32:04 by IKanzAnimate

Okay, uploaded a new, giant collection of 4 little flashes made with my new tablet!
lets hope it gets on the site!


2009-07-14 18:32:02 by IKanzAnimate

Really happy with Newgounds.
Really want to be a part of Newgrounds.
Hate the fact that despite ANOTHER flash entry, I'm still blammed yet, and not to hate but, "THe Dot Of Excellence" makes it on Newgrounds?
1 Frame of flash with music and it makes it on, and i spend hours to animate something, maybe not the best, but surely not as bad as that, and it doesnt even see the light of day.


2009-06-06 23:31:46 by IKanzAnimate

It seems I'm still a flash noob here on NG. Posted a flash a week ago, and was shown NG is a better community than Youtube, however, has different standards. I want to say thankyou to all of Ng who reviewed my flash while it was here, as it hit 200 views in a matter of 20 minutes, and thanks for all of the constructive feedback, and I'm trying to get a new flash out soon, so I CAN make it onto NG this time.